Video Game Design: Careers for the Future

For creative individuals with a passion for animation and interactive entertainment, the rapidly growing field of video game design can be a lucrative option. With a variety of certificates, diplomas and degrees offered both online and in traditional programs, game design education combines computer skills, art and a variety of other skills to prepare students for work in a number of studios and on independent design projects.

The field of video game design actually encompasses a number of specialties. Training at a video game designer college can prepare students to become video game artists, developers, designers, producers and writers, working on various aspects of creating a game. Students can also become professional video game testers and get paid to play. Because video game design embraces so many kinds of skills, studies in all these specialties include art, design and computer components.

Programs offered by game design schools may be called Game Development, Interactive Entertainment, Digital Entertainment, or Entertainment Technology as well as Game Design. While it’s possible to enter the field of game design with a certificate from a technical career school, most careers begin with a full Bachelor of Science degree. In some schools, students can also continue their studies with a Master of Science or a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Viedo game designer college programs are available in both traditional classroom formats and online from a number of colleges and design schools worldwide. Video game design schools online and in the classroom prepare students for entry into the field through classes in traditional art and design, computer graphics and the uses of animation. Online schools of game design use the medium to teach the medium, requiring students to do and submit all work via computer.

Students graduating with a degree from any of the reputable online and traditional schools of game design can expect to earn an entry-level salary of between $40,000 and $60,000 annually, while more advanced designers can command salaries of nearly $100,000 per year. Some of the highest salaries in the field go to videogame producers, who make around $150,000 annually.

The video game industry continues to evolve, with new trends in gaming that include mobile gaming, 3D gaming and mass multi player online gaming. The gaming industry is also expanding into the educational market, with current game technologies being adapted for educational purposes and an increasing demand for education-specific game design.

Getting a game design education begins with an interest in gaming and an aptitude for art and computers. Scholarship and financial aid from reputable online and traditional schools of game design can help to put a career as a professional video game designer within anyone’s reach.

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